>R.A. Salvatore – The Demon Spirit (Demon Wars I book 2)


The Demon Spirit by R.A. Salvatore is book 2 in the Demon Wars I Saga.  The demon has returned without a physical body.

The Demon Spirit introduced some new characters which were quite lively and was nice for the book.  The author also briefly introduced the history of the Order and it appears there will be more to come.  That I enjoy

Remember in my review of The Demon Awakens I said the monks don’t seem to have anything to do with the story itself?  Well in The Demon Spirit, Salvatore made an arbitrary connection that appeared rather forced just to give the monks a role.  In book 1 he set the scene up having the Demon Dactyl pictured on the doors at St.-Mere-Abelle, but nothing more came of it.

I think my biggest issue with this book is the lack of a well defined goal.  The characters go from one event to another but the events are not related.  Even when the book ended I was like, “really, that’s what the whole build up was?  That was kind of dumb”.

And what is up with Elbryan speaking with his Uncle Mather?  Salvatore might as well put in bold, “hey look, these are my thoughts on life that has nothing to do with the book I am writing, but I had to get my philosophy in somehow”.

So disappointed.  Maybe I should give Salvatore’s Dark Elf Trilogy before I give up on him.

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