>R.A. Salvatore – The Demon Awakens (Demon wars I book 1)

I’ve always been aware of R.A. Salvatore; kind of hard to miss when he has an entire section all to himself near the fantasy section of bigger bookstores.  I decided to start with the Demon Wars saga rather than the Forgotten Realms books because of a recommendation to read them.  The Demon Awakens is book 1 in the Demon Wars Saga part 1.

Elbryan and Jilseponie aka Jilly aka Jill aka Pony have just reached adulthood, age 13, and realized that they love each other; the girl realized it first of course.  The two love birds have just shared their first passionate kiss and their fathers have just returned home from a successful hunt.  All seems well in Dundalis except the hunting party also brought back the corpse of a goblin.  The dead goblin was brought back as a…………trophy?  Anyways, it is said that goblins always collect their dead.

All in one night thousands of goblins and giants sack Dundalis and burn it to the ground.  Only Elbryan and Jill survive.

Many years later the goblins are on the move again.  This time with even more help.  But neither Elbryan nor Jill are the same kids playing adult games as they were those years ago and they even have their own friends to help.  Battle ensues and Elbryan, Pony, and Avelyn (a strange monk) are left fighting the Dactyl, the demon controlling the armies.

I’ve heard that R.A. Salvatore is the best in describing fight scenes, but quite honestly I didn’t see it.  Not that he did it poorly, but I didn’t see how it was any different from other authors.

One character that I found extremely annoying was Avelyn.  He was barely acceptable at the beginning but by the end after he left the monastery of St.-Mere-Abelle and came up with the annoying saying, “Ho ho what!” he was unbearable.  Actually the whole concept of the monks does not make sense to me.  Seems the only real reason they are even in the books is because they possess stones that can be used for magic.

What I really like in this book is the Elves.  R.A. Salvatore’s Elves have such a playful manner they might more accurately be known as fairies.  The best part about them in my opinion is their sing song like language.

Okay read.  I’ll reserve my judgment after more books until I decide whether the series is good or bad.

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