>R.A. Salvatore – The Demon Apostle (Demon Wars I book 3)


The Demon Apostle by R.A. Salvatore is book 3 in The Demon Wars Saga part 1.  The demon has complete control over his host body and that man is starting to take over the world.

Truthfully I don’t even know what to write in this review.  It seems as though I have reviewed this book twice already and have said everything I wanted to say.  In reality I’ve only reviewed the previous 2 books in the series, but nothing new is presented in The Demon Apostle.  I mentioned before how there doesn’t seem like the characters are only moving from one event to the other and the trend continued.  Elbryan killed a few more goblins and had a few more fights but nothing more.

Even Salvatore himself in The Demon Apostle said that Avelyn’s trademark “ho ho what!” saying was annoying.  I wonder if he meant it to be all along or just wrote that into book 3 because people like me also complained about it back when the books first came out.

Though I can’t be certain, but I believe there was a glaring inconsistency in this book.  Did Pony fire a lodestone or magnetite at Markwart?

Well anyways, the trilogy ends with obvious future books to follow.

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