>David Eddings – Pawn of Prophecy (Belgariad book 1)


Pawn of Prophecy is book 1 of the Belgariad series.  It is a high fantasy along the lines of Tolkien.  Eddings creates his own races (actual human races) and cultures.

A very powerful orb has been stolen and must be recovered.  A small party is formed to try and retrieve it.  A seemingly young and ordinary boy gets somehow involved.  Needless to say he was no ordinary boy.

Eddings’s name for people and places are borderline unpronounceable – none of the main characters, but every one and everything else.  This especially becomes a problem when the characters start talking about history and politics because I find myself not able to follow in depth.

Eddings has a real straight forward writing style.  He does not get bogged down by too much “fluff”.  Even the story itself only has one real plot line; it only follows one group who stays together the whole time.  That may or may not be good depending on what you like.

I feel like the book should have been longer.  Believe it or not, that’s actually a compliment.  I enjoyed it so much I wanted more.  The ending to this book was rather unsatisfactory.  It almost seemed like a larger volume was broken up unceremoniously.  Even the title of the book, Pawn of Prophecy, and the lack of any real reference to it suggests the book was indeed intended to be longer.

I also feel like the main character, Garion, should have been older.  Eddings brings up such fascinating topics of discussion but can’t quite explore them properly because the main character is too young and stupid.  Yes, I said stupid.  Again that is a compliment because Garion is supposed to be young and stupid.  Though with hindsight being 20/20, I know the series is a rather lengthy one was maybe the author will get to exploring those topics in more detail.

All in all, good book.  Going to start the next book, Queen of Sorcery, right away.

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