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When I got a little past the halfway point of Wishsong of Shannara and I started thinking about what I would write in this review.  That’s when it occurred to me that this books is actually pretty good.  It’s not that it took till that point to get good, but I didn’t have high expectations for it because if you will remember from my review of the 2 previous books in this series – Sword of Shannara and Elfstones of Shannara – I haven’t been too impressed by the series.  As I was reading Wishsong of Shannara, I was already looking forward to the new series I would be reading after I finished.  I wanted to finish just so I could say I read an entire Terry Brookes trilogy.

20 years after Wil Ohmsford helped Amberle replant the Ellcrys’s seed, his children developed Elvish magic because of their father’s use of the Elfstones.  Can you guess who their mother is?  Anyways, the magic they were born with was the Wishsong.  The Wishsong allows people or objects to bend to the singer’s will.

Of course Alanon knows of this magic and of course he has use for it.  There is a particular book, the Ildatch, that turned Brona into the Warlock Lord.  The book was lost after Brona died.  Alanon couldn’t find it because Brona’s followers had taken it and turned them into the Mord Wraiths after approximately 60 years of studying the magic within.  How the Wishsong is needed to destroy the Ildatch is pretty ridiculous, but the adventures of Brin, Jair, Rone, and friends are better than the reason they went on the adventures.

So what makes Wishsong of Shannara better than its predecessors?  Well, I think Terry Brooks did a better job of making his characters lifelike and he had more characters to do it with.  There still isn’t a lot of substance to the book and hence my lack of anything to talk about in these past 3 reviews so I’ll wait a bit before I read more Shannara books.

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