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Ok I couldn’t wait for the paper back of The Gathering Storm to come out.  The Gathering Storm and the planned final two novels in the Wheel of Time series is a combined effort from Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.  The original author, Robert Jordan, unfortunately passed away after the first 11 books and prequel was written.  His notes and visions for the ending of the series have been passed onto Brandon Sanderson.
One thing that is exciting and at times frustrating for readers is all the plot lines in Wheel of Time.  Some plot lines are minor, some are major, and almost all are explored in great detail.  The frustrating part is that a lot of times the reader has to wait, sometimes books at a time, to see the next part of a plot line played out.  For example I just knew Moiraine wasn’t dead and wanted to hear more of her story, but that will have to wait another book.
Egwene’s final scene, epilogue not included, made me really mad.  I can’t really speak on it without giving spoilers of the book, but she sounded way too hypocritical and way too much like she was standing on a high horse.
One reason Sanderson gave for splitting up Robert Jordan’s final book into three was that the book would be too big otherwise.  Sanderson felt there was a natural split to end The Gathering Storm, but I don’t like the decision – it doesn’t follow Robert Jordan’s own timeline for the series.  It could very well be that Robert Jordan himself would have realized he needed more books to finish the story, but even so, I believe he would have decided to end the book at the end of the incident at the White Tower and everything after that would have been dealt with in the prologue of the next book.  That’s just based on my own opinion of how Robert Jordan split up his previous books.
All in all, I was quite pleased with the book.  I’m not going to try and sound scholarly by saying I knew which passages were written by Robert Jordan himself and which were not, but I don’t believe anything Sanderson added detracted from the story itself.  Obviously I would have liked it all to be Jordan’s work though.  Because the series is coming to an end, we don’t have any introductions of new characters, cultures, customs, cities, etc. which allowed the story to flow at a great speed.  Even so, only Egwene’s arc, an anime term for plot/story, was finalized.
I’m going to end this review with one of my favourite quotes from The Gathering Storm,

“Dream on my behalf Nynaeve.  Dream for things I no longer can.”

This quote from Rand pretty sums up his feelings throughout the entire book and previous ones.

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