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I finally got a chance to read Robert Jordan’s New Spring as I impatiently wait for The Wheel of Time’s book 12, The Gathering Storm, to come out on paperback.  New Spring is 100% Robert Jordan’s work as it was written and published before his unfortunate departure.  The author himself said you could read New Spring before book 1 of the series, Eye of the World. I do not agree.  Eye of the World gives us a lot of background information on Aes Sedai and the importance of the Dragon Reborn.  Without this information, New Spring would not make a lot of sense and won’t be as exciting.  Keep in mind that I have read books 1-11 before this book so many spoilers will pop up.  If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you may want to skip this review for now.

New Spring has 2 main purposes: shows how the relationship of Moiraine and Siuan formed and how Lan became Moiraine’s warder.  Throughout the Wheel of Time series we see that Moiraine has a special relationship with the Amyrlin Seat.  Turns out the reason why is because Moiraine and Siuan were raised side-by-side to Aes Sedai.  Read on to find out what kind of they mischief these two got into before becoming Aes Sedai and how it foreshadows the mischief they get into after becoming Aes Sedai as seen in other books.

Dispersed through books 1-11 are bits and pieces of how Lan and Moiraine met.  New Spring gives a full account of how Lan dumped Moiraine into an icy river.  I don’t think anyone will accuse Robert Jordan of being a romance novel writer, but the little bit that he does throw in through all his books is quite good.  Decide for yourself whether it was love at first sight or not.

Say what you want about Robert Jordan dragging the storyline of his last few books, but reading New Spring reminded me of just how good a writer Robert Jordan was.  Even more important than The Gathering Storm not being out in paperback yet, I have yet to read it because I’m worried that Brandon Sanderson, the author chosen to finish The Wheel of Time series, will not be able to write the same.  Of course I’ll still read it and the last 2 just to finish the series off, but maybe after I re-read the other 11 books first.

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