>Beatrix Potter – The Tale of Peter Rabbit


The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a picture book that is a bit longer than your typical picture book for children.  It is about a rabbit, Peter, who doesn’t listen to his mother and gets in some trouble; he gets chased by a farmer and eventually gets lost; he does finally find his way home but he is so tired that he does not get to enjoy the supper that his mother made for him and his siblings.

In this particular version, the original and authorized edition, there is one or two sentences on a page and then a picture depicting the action on the adjacent page.  The illustrations were fine as they were, but I didn’t really think there was any wow factor.  Of course this could also be because I am not of the age this book was intended for.

Quite by accident I found out something about this book – there is no logical sequence.  I was thumbing back through the book in preparation for writing this review and I ended up reading it from back to front and strangely, it worked as well as reading it front to back.  Then again it could also because the sentence(s) on each page were so short I could remember what is supposed to happen next even though I read it first.  Kind of like the movie Memento.

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