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What if we could live forever?  This is the question Natalie Babbitt poses in her novel Tuck Everlasting.

Winnie Foster, an eleven year old girl, feels trapped in her life and wishes to be free.  She expresses her wishes of running away to a toad.  One day she steps out of her fenced cottage and walks into the woods which her family owned.  There she meets a boy who is drinking out of a stream.  Winnie, feeling very thirsty, wanted to take a drink out of it as well but the boy was very insistent that she didn’t.  Eventually the boy’s mother and older brother come and take her away which they claim is for her own good.

Back at the Tuck’s place (Tucks are the family that kidnapped her), they tell her about the story of the stream and how anybody who drinks from it will live forever.  That is, they do not grow old and they cannot be physically harmed.

A stranger hears all about this story and has a plan to profit from this spring.  The book goes on from there.

At the end of the story Winnie has a choice: does she want to drink the water from the stream and live forever?  Read the book and you shall find out.

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