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For my next essay assignment for my children’s literature course, I have taken up the (foolish?) task of discussing theology and biblical references in The Princess and the Goblin and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Some of you may already know my views on God, so this assignment will be quite interesting for me.

I’ve never actually read the bible myself, which may be a mistake on my part, but I know enough about Christianity, and let’s face it if you are alive you have been hit with a shot or two of Christianity, to know that I don’t like it at all.  BUT this is a book review blog and I am doing a book review on The Princess and the Goblin, not writing my manifesto.

A young princess, Irene, gets lost in her castle and finds her way to an attic and her great-great-grandmother Irene who is more than 100 years old but still looks incredibly young and beautiful.  Afterwards, Irene, the princess, tells her nurse who of course doesn’t believe her.  Even Irene herself is not able to find her great-great-grandmother every time and begins to doubt if it wasn’t all a dream.

On the other side of the mountain there is a miner’s boy Curdie.  In a chance encounter he saves the princess from a goblin.  Turns out goblins are weak to rhyme and their soft feet make them susceptible to getting stomped on.

Curdie discovers an “evil” plot of the goblins and is captured in the process.  It is now the princess’s time to save Curdie; she does so by following a single spider like thread that her grandmother left her (her great-great-grandmother now tells her to simply call her grandmother).  We later find out that Curdie is unable to see the thread at the time and even can’t see the grandmother when the princess brings him to see her.

Finally the goblins carry out their evil plot and again the grandmother leads the princess to safety and then Curdie uses that same thread (for now he can see it) to find the princess.

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