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Now that I am on book 10 of the Sword of Truth series, I have been conditioned to not pay much attention to the book title.  At least not before reading the book.  That’s not to say that Goodkind or his editor(s) are bad at coming up with book titles, only that you need to actually read into the books before you figure out the meanings.  I suppose this is true for all books really.  Anyways, it didn’t even occur to me who the Phantom in the book actually was before reading.  After reading it, there are two people referenced the phantom and one group of people.  Two of the references requires a bit of explanation which I will go ahead and let you read from Goodkind himself in the book.  It all honesty it doesn’t even make sense; it seems Goodkind tried a little too hard to fit the characters into the description.
In Phantom, Khalan starts to learn bits and pieces of who she is and there is at least two people other than Richard and the four Sisters of the Dark who can see and remember her.  It actually just occurred to me now as I am writing this why that is.  I trust you will be able to come up with a conclusion so I won’t spoil it for you.  Ask me after reading the book if you aren’t sure.  Of course this would only be my personal opinion and my take on it – as is this and all my other reviews.
Ok so apparently my rant from the last Goodkind review wasn’t enough, I must continue.  I am currently teaching high school chemistry.  As a kind of for your information lesson, I talked about alchemists and how they were basically revolutionists.  Before they came along, the dominant theory was that if you thought about something long and hard enough, the answer will come to you.  My students quickly picked up how bogus and preposterous that is.  Evidently Goodkind doesn’t think so.  In Phantom, Richard again makes a perfect and accurate explanation and rationalization out of nothing.  He might as well tell us he figured out that the first ever human to walk the earth was named Bernie, had red hair, was 5”6, and loved to play basketball because he thought about it hard enough.
On more than one occasion in this book and previous books the main characters talked about how simply killing Jagang would do no good because the order would simply promote another brute to take his place.  Now this very well may be true, but another brute would not have Jagang’s dream walker powers or his knowledge gained through his dream walker powers.  An attempt to kill him should have at least been made.  Nicci with all her powers and now her devotion to Richard which protected her mind from Jagang could have easily killed him.  Yet another inconsistency on Goodkind’s part.
Ok it’s time to stop the Goodkind hate I’ve been giving off recently.  Phantom, by and large, has the best ending of any book so far in the series aside from book 1, Wizard’s First Rule.  The series finally comes full circle in the end.  The Boxes of Orden are again put in play, but the player is different this time around.
This is the first book in a long time that I will be reading the next book in the series immediately after, without reading another book in between.  That should give you some indication of just how good the ending of Phantom was.  One more book to find out just how this roller coaster of a series ends!!

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