>Terry Goodkind – Faith of the Fallen (Sword of Truth Book 6)


Well let me start by saying the title of book 6, Faith of the Fallen, is the best title so far of any of Goodkind’s previous books in the series.  Like most good book titles, this one has more than one meaning.  The fallen, in this case, could refer to Richard, a leader who does not feel his people are ready for a change, Khalan and the rest of the D’Haran army who continue to fight the Imperial Order even though it seems like a losing battle, Nicci who has lost the meaning of life, or simply the citizens of Altur’Rang who really had nothing to hope for or believe in.

In this book especially Goodkind really brings into the forefront the discussion of communism vs. what Goodkind calls free will.  Goodkind really depicted communism in a very grotesque way.  He even says Nicci’s wickedness is due to her beliefs.

Oh boy, I must say, I love Nicci.  Her character really shows the brilliance of Goodkind; he managed to write a character who does despicable acts, but the reader still falls in love with her.  So fitting that in the end both Richard and Khalan had to put their faith and their lives in this woman who made them suffer so much.

Through the last 100-150 pages I was ready to praise Goodkind on his mastery of keeping the reader suspenseful.  The way he kept the reader on the edge of their seats waiting for Richard to reveal his statue was great.  Only I was very disappointed that the statue was finally unveiled, but Goodkind didn’t actually tell us what it is beyond it being a man and a woman.  Oh well.  Readers have good imaginations.

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